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uksp by Crystal-Bunny uksp :iconcrystal-bunny:Crystal-Bunny 18 6
Mature content
UKSp - Slave of Passion :iconkeiimiko:Keiimiko 72 16
doodle__uke__russia__dobe15 by dobe15
Mature content
doodle__uke__russia__dobe15 :icondobe15:dobe15 55 14
APH: 1991-02 Alfred and Ivan by waterylt APH: 1991-02 Alfred and Ivan :iconwaterylt:waterylt 604 89 APH: 1991-01 Alfred and Ivan by waterylt APH: 1991-01 Alfred and Ivan :iconwaterylt:waterylt 573 53 Mr and Mrs 1 by Setomi Mr and Mrs 1 :iconsetomi:Setomi 514 148
Facade and Delusions
"You're insane," China hissed against Russia's lips.
"Yes," Purring, Russia's tongue darted out to give China a quick lick, "but then so are you. I like pushing you over the edge and watching your calm façade break away. "
China slammed his mouth against Russia's, effectively silencing the mocking mouth.
China silently agreed.
They were both insane.
:iconxblkdragonx:xblkdragonx 21 11
Italy x Child!Reader
“Ve~! Ciao, ~! How have you been lately? How's it like being with Kai, your mama? I do hope it's great living there without a single care and worry at all~!” Feliciano chirped, grinning.
“So, I do hope you're doing alright! I wish I could visit you, but i just can't. Not yet. I'll be sure to come running after you once I do, though!” Feliciano said with a soft smile, looking down.
“Ve~ I really miss you, by the way~! Ludwig and Kiku does too! Especially Alfred. He says he misses his little sidekick beside him! Haha~!” He giggled, scratching the side of his lips, that was dey, being in the cold snow alone.
“You know, I could have wished you never left, but you just had to. You're probably happy there, being with Kai~! Ah! Don't steal her away from me though! She may be your mother, but she's still mia bella amour~!” He slightly panicked, waving his hands frantically.
“By the way, Merry Christmas~! I bought you this really nice gift t
:iconravenanderson:RavenAnderson 60 27
Beautiful (FACE Family x Anorexic!Reader)
    "Mon Amie, It is time for dinner!" Francis called out from downstairs. You took a deep breath and looked at yourself in the mirror. How revolting it was. At least, that's what you thought of yourself. Those popular girls at school looked so pretty. They were pretty and skinny. Your hand ran through your (h/c) hair and you sighed, dragging yourself downstairs.
   The four young men sat at the dinner-table, getting into their usual antics. They didn't notice you as you sat down beside Matthew and across from Francis and Alfred. Arthur sat at the right end, growling at the French.
"You bloody frog! I'm never going to let you cook my dinner! Did you poison this?!"
"Poison? non! If you cooked ze dinner tonight, we'd all die!"
"He's right, dude. You're cooking can't even be fed to starving children."
   As the three argued about, you stared down at your dinner plate, gulping a bit of saliva built up in your throat. It looked delicious, but you were just not going to take a bite. A
:iconpenumbrawolfy:PenumbraWolfy 328 111
America X Suicidal! Reader Bullet
America X Suicidal! Reader
My legs are dangling off the edge
The bottom of the bottle is my only friend
I think I'll slit my wrists again and I'm
Gone, gone, gone, gone
My legs are dangling off the edge
A stomach full of pills didn't work again
I'll put a bullet in my head and I'm
Gone, gone, gone, gone

She sat there alone on the edge over looking New York. Next to her sat a can of alcohol, her antidepressant pills, and a gun. She hadn’t chosen how but she had options. There was no point anyways. The taste of her last cigarette still tainted her teeth. She stared at her scars, both the physical and mental ones.
Gone too far yea I'm gone again
It's gone on too long tell you how it ends
I'm sitting on the edge with my two best friends
One's a bottle of pills and one's a bottle of gin.

It’s not like anyone would miss her. The only person who would have missed her, passed away two year ago. ‘Why did you have to leave me uncle?’ She was completel
:iconchai-turtle:Chai-turtle 366 308
GermanyxReader Forever Young
in case you get confused please read the description
Germany X Reader
Forever Young
Reader’s POV
I had never seen it coming. My friend for 20 years and boyfriend for 3, Ludwig, decided to take me to (favorite restaurant) with everyone, and I mean everyone. Both the Allies and the Axis and many other friends came. Everyone had grudges against one and another but they got over that for me because I was their friend.
“Everyone can I get your attention” my German boyfriend said with a commanding tone. I could see everyone wiggle with excitement. They knew what was going on, unlike me.
Ludwig slowly got up, then slowly down on one knee. “My dear beloved (y/n), we have known each other for a long time, and neither of us could have ever guessed this day would come. But now that it has, I’m glad it did.
:iconchai-turtle:Chai-turtle 180 845
Hetalia X Abused Child! Reader (England Ending)
"Arthur." You said, and he seemed surprised, his eyebrows raised. Finally, it sunk in, and he smiled delightedly.
"Alright, love. Would you like to go to your new home now, then?"
You nodded eagerly.
"Does this make me an Uncle?" Alfred beamed.
"I suppose so..." Arthur answered, causing Francis, and Alfred to tell you to call them 'uncle', which you did.
"You will make a good father, Angleterre." Francis praised, resting a shoulder on his frenemy Arthur's shoulder.
"Thanks," Arthur smiled, happily taking your tiny hand in his large one as the two of you walked out.
He strapped you in the back of his car, checking twice that it was properly fastened, before getting in the front and driving. He kept giving concerned glances to you through the drivers mirror.
"(name), love, you know if you have any questions I'll answer them, right?" Arthur informed you, wanting to make you feel comfortable as possible.
"Can I call you Dad?" You asked, shifting nervously in your seat, anxio
:iconginjaninja2d:GinjaNinja2D 264 62
Hetalia X Abused Child! Reader (Prussia Ending)
"Gilbert." You concluded.
"Kesese~ Of course she vould choose zhe awesome me!" The albino cheered, rushing to your side.
You chuckled at him. "I wanna be awesome too!" He picked you up and sat you on his shoulders while he held your legs to help you balance.
"You vill be! But you'll never be as awesome as me, wenig mich!"
"Bruder, ve should get her home." Ludwig said, looking the tiniest bit excited.
"(Name), this is you new Oncle!" Gilbert bent his knees so you were the same level as Ludwig. "He isn't awesome like me though."
Ludwig sighed, his icy eyes meeting your (e/c) ones. "I'm sure you vould like to be going to your new home, right?" He asked, showing no emotion.
"Yes, Oncle!" You grinned brightly.
"Hey, Germany! Can I-a come, ve?" Feliciano begged in his bubbly way.
"Ja, sure." Germany muttered, his soft spot for the Italian showing.
Still sitting upon Gil's shoulders, the four of you headed to the parking lot, and got into Ludwig's car, (Gil then took you off of his shoulders)
:iconginjaninja2d:GinjaNinja2D 264 106
Hetalia x Abused Child! Reader (Canada Ending)
(Canada Ending)
Shock rendering them momentarily speechless, everyone turned to the Canadian in silent amazement.
"Bloody hell, I didn't even know you were here, chap!" Arthur laughed nervously, as the other countries agreed. Matthew, used to constantly going unnoticed, ignored them, approaching the you, still barely able to believe you'd picked him.
"You really pick me?" He breathed softly. When you nodded vigorously, his gentle violet eyes gleamed with delight. "In that case, let's get you home, eh maple?"
In reply, you stretched out your little arms, giggling when Matthew complied, picking you up, and hugging you to his chest. Before he could leave, he was stopped by his brother, Alfred.
A wide grin spread across the American's face, "You'll do great, bro! But she's my niece so I can see her as much as I want!"
Matthew nodded, smiling at the encouragement. "Thanks, Al." He then said his farewells, and left, taking you with him.
For most of the journey you slept, and when yo
:iconginjaninja2d:GinjaNinja2D 360 178
Human!Puppet X Reader - Friend
"(Y/N)~! Look! I won some tickets for the Prize Corner!" Your little sister [Sister's Name] waved the tickets around in excitement and you smiled at her cuteness.
It's been quite a while since last you visited the Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. You were in the same age as your sister when you first visited the place. It really changed since last time.
They added a Game Area, a Kid's Cove and other new things. And the atmosphere seems to be more cheerful than usual.
[Sister's Name] looked at you with big puppy eyes and asked shyly: "Uhm, (Y/N)? Can you get me a prize from the Prize Corner? I would do it myself but I want to finish my pizza."
You patted her head. "Sure. What do you want me to get for you?" Your sister thought for a while but then said: "I know my big sister always picks out something great so I'm fine with everything~!"
You immediately aww'd at her. Sometimes [Sister's Name] is too cute for words. So with the tickets in your hands you walked to the Prize Corner.
The room was
:iconpikablaze:PikaBlaze 836 140



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